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RCB5259 : ECCD-2  update : 2024/01/17
Comment from the depositorHybridoma which produces the rat monoclonal antibody ECCD-2 that recognizes E-cadherin.
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Basic information Depositor TAKEICHI, Masatoshi
Originator TAKEICHI, Masatoshi
Year of deposit 2019
Animal _mouse x rat < Hybrid
Classification hybrid cells
Lifespan infinite
Morphology lymphocyte-like
Cellosaurus(Expasy) CVCL_A6WX
hybridoma Fusion_cell_1 name spleen
Fusion_cell_1 strain rat, Donryu
Fusion_cell_1 gender Female
Fusion_cell_2 name P3-X63-Ag8
Fusion_cell_2 strain mouse
Fusion method HAT selection
Antibody name ECCD-2
Subclass IgG2a
Immunogen mouse E-cadherin (extracellular domain fragment)
Antigen_name E-cadherin (mouse, human, dog, etc)
Antigen_m.w. 124,000
Antigen_character proteins exposed on the cell surface
Antigen_epitope extracellular domain
Antigen_positive epithelial cell
Antigen_negative fibroblast cell
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Medium Medium List
Culture type Suspension cells Suspension cells
Culture medium D-MEM/Ham’F-12 with L-Glutamine and Phenol Red (Cat#048-29785, Wako) + 10% FETAL BOVINE SERUM (Cat# 171012, Cell Culture Bioscience) + 5% Briclone (Archport) DMEM/HamF12 + 10% FBS + 5% Briclone
Culture method
Antibiotics Penicillin , Streptomycin Free
Passage method dilution
Culture information Passage ratio 1 : 10-20 split
SC frequency Subculture : 3 times/week
Temperature 37 ℃ 37 ℃
CO2 concentration 5 % 5 %
Freeze medium CELLBANKER1 Plus (Cat#CB021, ZENOAQ) CELLBANKER 1 Plus
Freezing method Slow freezing
Mycoplasma (-)
Antibody subclass IgG2a(Kappa)
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Reference information Reference 2
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12281  A Nagafuchi, Y Shirayoshi, K Okazaki, K Yasuda, M Takeichi  Transformation of cell adhesion properties by exogenously introduced E-cadherin cDNA  Nature  1987  329(6137):341-3  PubMed ID: 3498123   DOI: 10.1038/329341a0
12307  Y Shirayoshi, A Nose, K Iwasaki, M Takeichi  N-linked oligosaccharides are not involved in the function of a cell-cell binding glycoprotein E-cadherin  Cell Struct Funct  1986  11(3):245-52  PubMed ID: 3768962   DOI: 10.1247/csf.11.245

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