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RCB4917 : HeLa/Fucci(SA)5#16  update : 2022/12/23
CommentImportant notice regarding nomenclature of Fucci. Research tools : Fucci – Fluorescent Ubiquitination-based Cell Cycle Indicator.
Comment from the depositora subclone of HeLa.S3 cells provided by Dr. Mikoshiba in 2009.
Terms and conditions1) The RECIPIENT should obtain written approval from the DEPOSITOR using the APPROVAL FORM prior to entering the AGREEMENT with the RIKEN BRC. 2) A RECIPIENT who belongs to a non-profit organization may use the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE for an academic research that is non-commercial. 3) In publishing the research results related to the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, a citation of the following literature is necessary. (bioRxiv 2020 March 31, 2020 ). 4) The RECIPIENT agrees to acknowledge the DEPOSITOR in any publication, oral or written, reporting use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE and provide a copy of the publication to the DEPOSITOR.
approver's address
RIKEN Center for Brain Science
Laboratory for Cell Function Dynamics
Hirosawa 2-1, Wako, Saitama 351-0198 Japan
Fax. +81-48-467-5924
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Regarding MTA between user institutions and RIKEN BRC, there are two kinds of MTA, not-for-profit academic purpose (C-XXXX) and for-profit research purpose (C-XXXXp) , depending on the sort of user institutions and the purposes of use. Please use an appropriate MTA(to see). In relation to commercial use and use for patent filing, first of all Please contact RIKEN BRC (
Basic information Depositor Miyawaki, Atsushi
Originator Miyawaki, Atsushi
Year of deposit 2017
Another name HeLa/Fucci5#16
Original cell HeLa.S3
Cloning (depositor) Yes
Animal human < Mammals
Genus Homo
Species sapiens
Gender Female
Tissue cervical
Disease name cervical carcinoma
Classification cancer
Recombinant recombinant
Exogene tFucci(SA)5
Lifespan infinite
Morphology epithelial-like
Cellosaurus(Expasy) CVCL_A7AV
deposit info
lot info
Medium Medium List
Culture type Adherent cells Adherent cells
Culture medium DMEM (low glucose) + 10% FBS DMEM (low glucose) + 10% FBS
Antibiotics penicillin/streptomycin Free
Passage method 0.25% Trypsin
Culture information Passage ratio 1 : 8 split
SC frequency Subculture : 2 times/week
Temperature 37 ℃ 37 ℃
CO2 concentration 5 % 5 %
Freeze medium Medium + 10% DMSO
Freezing method Slow freezing
Mycoplasma (-)
Animal PCR OK
STR(human) OK
deposit info
lot info
Reference information Reference 1
User's Publication 2

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11885  Ryoko Ando, Asako Sakaue-Sawano, Keiko Shoda, Atsushi Miyawaki  Two new coral fluorescent proteins of distinct colors for sharp visualization of cell-cycle progression  bioRxiv  2020  March 31, 2020    DOI: 10.1101/2020.03.30.015156

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User's Publication
15096  Tohyama K, Kaida A, Miura M.  Determination of Clonogenic Radiosensitivity of HeLa Cells in Early and Late G1 Phases  Anticancer Res  2022  42(11):5407-5413  PubMed ID: 36288874   DOI: 10.21873/anticanres.16045
13371  Shimono H, Kaida A, Homma H, Nojima H, Onozato Y, Harada H, Miura M.  Fluctuation in radioresponse of HeLa cells during the cell cycle evaluated based on micronucleus frequency.  Sci Rep  2020    PubMed ID: 33257719   DOI: 10.1038/s41598-020-77969-0

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