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Cell No. : Cell Name
RCB2230 : HS-Sch-2  update : 2023/01/04
CommentHuman cell line derived from malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor (MPNST).
Comment from the depositor
Terms and conditionsThere is no restriction regarding use for basic researches. In relation to commercial use and use for patent filing, first of all please contact the RIKEN BRC.
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Regarding MTA between user institutions and RIKEN BRC, there are two kinds of MTA, not-for-profit academic purpose (C-XXXX) and for-profit research purpose (C-XXXXp) , depending on the sort of user institutions and the purposes of use. Please use an appropriate MTA(to see). In relation to commercial use and use for patent filing, first of all Please contact RIKEN BRC (
Basic information Depositor Sonobe, Hiroshi
Originator Sonobe, Hiroshi
Year of deposit 2002
Animal human < Mammals
Genus Homo
Species sapiens
Gender Female
Age at sampling 54 years
Tissue unknown
Disease name malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour (MPNST)
Classification cancer
Lifespan infinite
Morphology other
Cellosaurus(Expasy) CVCL_8718
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Medium Medium List
Culture type Adherent cells
Medium and additives DMEM (low glucose) + 10% FBS
Antibiotics Free
Passage method 0.25% Trypsin
Culture information Passage ratio 1 : 6-8 split
SC frequency Subculture : 2 times/week
Temperature 37 ℃
CO2 concentration 5 %
Freeze medium Medium + 10% DMSO
Freezing method Slow freezing
Mycoplasma (-)
Isozyme LD, NP
STR(human) OK
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Reference information Reference 1
User's Publication 5

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3501  Sonobe H, Takeuchi T, Furihata M, Taguchi T, Kawai A, Ohjimi Y, Iwasaki H, Kaneko Y, Ohtsuki Y.  A new human malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour-cell line, HS-sch-2, harbouring p53 point mutation.  Int J Oncol  2000  17(2):347-52  PubMed ID: 10891546   DOI: 10.3892/ijo.17.2.347

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User's Publication
20170  Yamada H, Takahashi M, Watanuki M, Watanabe M, Hiraide S, Saijo K, Komine K, Ishioka C.  lncRNA HAR1B has potential to be a predictive marker for pazopanib therapy in patients with sarcoma.  Oncol Lett  2021  21(6):455  PubMed ID: 33907565   DOI: 10.3892/ol.2021.12716
16822  Terribas E, Fernández M, Mazuelas H, Fernández-Rodríguez J, Biayna J, Blanco I, Bernal G, Ramos-Oliver I, Thomas C, Guha R, Zhang X, Gel B, Romagosa C, Ferrer M, Lázaro C, Serra E.  KIF11 and KIF15 mitotic kinesins are potential therapeutic vulnerabilities for malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors  Neurooncol Adv  2020  2(Suppl 1):i62-i7  PubMed ID: 32642733   DOI: 10.1093/noajnl/vdz061
10338  Fukushima S, Endo M, Matsumoto Y, Fukushi JI, Matsunobu T, Kawaguchi KI, Setsu N, IIda K, Yokoyama N, Nakagawa M, Yahiro K, Oda Y, Iwamoto Y, Nakashima Y.  Hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha is a poor prognostic factor and potential therapeutic target in malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor.  PLoS ONE  2017  12:e0178064  PubMed ID: 28558056   DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0178064
14763  Kolberg M, Bruun J, Murumägi A, Mpindi JP, Bergsland CH, Høland M, Eilertsen IA, Danielsen SA, Kallioniemi O, Lothe RA.  Drug sensitivity and resistance testing identifies PLK1 inhibitors and gemcitabine as potent drugs for malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors  Mol Oncol  2017  11(9):1156-1171  PubMed ID: 28556483   DOI: 10.1002/1878-0261.12086
9577  Tanaka T, Kikuchi N, Goto K, Iino M.  Sec6/8 regulates Bcl-2 and Mcl-1, but not Bcl-xl, in malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor cells.  Apoptosis  2016  21:594-608  PubMed ID: 26892009   DOI: 10.1007/s10495-016-1230-9

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