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RCB1279 : TtT/GF  update : 2020/09/24
CommentPituitary folliculo-stellate-like cells. GFAP positive and S-100 positive.
Comment from the depositor
Terms and conditionsThere is no restriction regarding use for basic researches. In relation to commercial use and use for patent filing, a prior written permission of the DEPOSITOR or the RIKEN BRC is necessary.
Order Form Regarding MTA between user institutions and RIKEN BRC, there are two kinds of MTA, Category I and II, depending on the sort of user institutions and the purposes of use.Please use an appropriate MTA(to see).In case of Restriction "a" or "f", please contact RIKEN BRC( regarding any kind of for-profit use.
Basic information Depositor Inoue, Kinji
Originator Inoue, Kinji
Year of deposit 1996
Animal mouse < Mammals
Tissue pituitary
Classification semi-normal
Lifespan infinite
Morphology epithelial-like
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Medium Medium List
Culture type Adherent cells
Medium and additives DMEM/HamF12 + 2.5% FBS + 10% HS
Antibiotics Free
Passage method 0.25% trypsin
Culture information Passage ratio 1 : 4 split
SC frequency Subculture : once/week, Medium Renewal : 2 times/week
Temperature 37 ℃
CO2 concentration 5 %
Freeze medium Medium + 10% DMSO
Freezing method Slow freezing
Mycoplasma (-)
SSLP(mouse) OK
Isozyme LD, NP
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Reference information Reference 3
User's Publication 1

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2111  Matsumoto H, Ishibashi Y, Ohtaki T, Hasegawa Y, Koyama C, Inoue K  Newly established murine pituitary folliculo-stellate-like cell line (TtT/GF) secretes potent pituitary glandular cell survival factors, one of which corresponds to metalloproteinase inhibitor.  Biochem Biophys Res Commun  1993  194:909-15  PubMed ID: 8343172
2112  Matsumoto H, Koyama C, Sawada T, Koike K, Hirota K, Miyake A, Arimura A, Inoue K  Pituitary folliculo-stellate-like cell line (TtT/GF) responds to novel hypophysiotropic peptide (pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating peptide), showing increased adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate and interleukin-6 secretion and cell proliferation.  Endocrinology  1993  133:2150-5  PubMed ID: 8404665
2110  Inoue K, Matsumoto H, Koyama C, Shibata K, Nakazato Y, Ito A  Establishment of a folliculo-stellate-like cell line from a murine thyrotropic pituitary tumor.  Endocrinology  1992  131:3110-6  PubMed ID: 1446645

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User's Publication
11301  Hannen R, Steffani M, Voellger B, Carl B, Wang J, Bartsch JW, Nimsky C.  Effects of anti-estrogens on cell invasion and survival in pituitary adenoma cells: A systematic study.  J. Steroid Biochem. Mol. Biol.  2019    PubMed ID: 30439415

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