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RCB0789 : HSQ-89  update : 2022/07/05
CommentJapanese maxillary simus squamous carcinoma
Comment from the depositor
Terms and conditionsThere is no restriction regarding use for basic researches. In relation to commercial use and use for patent filing, first of all please contact the RIKEN BRC.
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Regarding MTA between user institutions and RIKEN BRC, there are two kinds of MTA, not-for-profit academic purpose (C-XXXX) and for-profit research purpose (C-XXXXp) , depending on the sort of user institutions and the purposes of use. Please use an appropriate MTA(to see). In relation to commercial use and use for patent filing, first of all Please contact RIKEN BRC (
Basic information Depositor Ooki, Hidero
Originator Wakamatu, Yoshiko & Miyake, Masahiko
Year of deposit 1992
Animal _human < Mammals
Genus Homo
Species sapiens
Race Japanese
Gender Male
Age at sampling 74 years
Tissue maxillary sinus
Disease name squamous carcinoma
Classification cancer
Year of origin 1989
Memo_1 Mycoplasma was eliminated with MC-210 by the depositor.
Lifespan infinite
Morphology epithelial-like
Cellosaurus(Expasy) CVCL_7674
deposit info
lot info
Medium Medium List
Culture type Adherent cells
Culture medium DMEM (low glucose) + 10% FBS
Antibiotics Free
Passage method 0.25% Trypsin or (0.25% Trypsin + 1mM EDTA)
Culture information Passage ratio 1 : 4-8 split
SC frequency Subculture : once/week, Medium Renewal : 2 times/week
Temperature 37 ℃
CO2 concentration 5 %
Freeze medium Medium + 10% DMSO
Freezing method Slow freezing
Mycoplasma (-)
Virus (HIV) (-)
Isozyme LD, NP
Chromosome mode 50-82(50) : /65(5),66(6),67(3),68(7),70(1),71(2)/
STR(human) OK
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Reference information Reference 0
User's Publication 8

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User's Publication
14496  Komatsu N, Komatsu M, Ohashi R, Horii A, Hoshi K, Takato T, Abe T, Hamakubo T.  Photosensitizer With Illumination Enhances In Vivo Antitumor Effect of Anti-ROBO1 Immunotoxin on Maxillary Sinus Squamous Cell Carcinoma  Anticancer Res  2020  40(7):3793-3799  PubMed ID: 32620618   DOI: 10.21873/anticanres.14368
11354  Nakamura Y, Nakahata S, Kondo Y, Izumi A, Yamamoto K, Ichikawa T, Tamura T, Noumi K, Yamashita Y, Morishita K.  Overexpression of absent in melanoma 2 in oral squamous cell carcinoma contributes to tumor progression.  Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.  2019    PubMed ID: 30587341   DOI: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2018.12.066
10521  Sakata M, Tani H, Anraku M, Kataoka M, Nagata N, Seki F, Tahara M, Otsuki N, Okamoto K, Takeda M, Mori Y.  Analysis of VSV pseudotype virus infection mediated by rubella virus envelope proteins.  Sci Rep  2017  7:11607  PubMed ID: 28912595   DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-10865-2
12679  Tamura T, Ichikawa T, Nakahata S, Kondo Y, Tagawa Y, Yamamoto K, Nagai K, Baba T, Yamaguchi R, Futakuchi M, Yamashita Y, Morishita K.  Loss of NDRG2 Expression Confers Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma with Enhanced Metastatic Potential  Cancer Res  2017  77(9):2363-2374  PubMed ID: 28209617   DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-16-2114
6410  Danjoh I, Sone H, Noda N, Iimura E, Nagayoshi M, Saijo K, Hiroyama T, Nakamura Y.  Is parainfluenza virus a threatening virus for human cancer cell lines?  Hum Cell  2009  22(3):81-4  PubMed ID: 19624309   DOI: 10.1111/j.1749-0774.2009.00071.x
2906  Nishimaki, Haruaki, Kasai, Kenji, Kozaki, Ken ichi, Takeo, Tomohiro, Ikeda, Hiroshi, Saga, Shinsuke, Nitta, Masakazu, Itoh, Gen  A role of activated Sonic hedgehog signaling for the cellular proliferation of oral squamous cell carcinoma cell line.  Biochem Biophys Res Commun  2004  314:313-20  PubMed ID: 14733907   DOI: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2003.12.097
3095  Uchida M. et al.  Biomimetic Coating of Laminin–Apatite Composite on Titanium Metal and Its Excellent Cell‐Adhesive Properties  Adv Mater  2004  16:1071-1074    DOI: 10.1002/adma.200400152
15593  Gunduz M, Ouchida M, Fukushima K, Ito S, Jitsumori Y, Nakashima T, Nagai N, Nishizaki K, Shimizu K.  Allelic loss and reduced expression of the ING3, a candidate tumor suppressor gene at 7q31, in human head and neck cancers  Oncogene  2002  21(28):4462-70  PubMed ID: 12080476   DOI: 10.1038/sj.onc.1205540

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