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RCB0083 : HLC-1  update : 2018/07/06
CommentLung adenocarcinoma
Comment from the depositor
Terms and conditionsBasically, there is no restriction regarding academic use.
Order Form Regarding MTA between user institutions and RIKEN BRC, there are two kinds of MTA, Category I and II, depending on the sort of user institutions and the purposes of use.Please use an appropriate MTA(to see).In case of Restriction "a" or "f", please contact RIKEN BRC( regarding any kind of for-profit use.
Basic information Depositor Okabe, Tetsuro
Originator Okabe, Tetsuro
Year of deposit 1986
Animal human < Mammals
Genus Homo
Species sapiens
Race Japanese
Gender Unknown
Tissue lung
Case history adenocarcinoma
Classification cancer
Lifespan infinite
Morphology epithelial-like
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Medium Medium List
Culture type Adherent cells
Medium and additives HamF12 + 10% FBS
Antibiotics Free
Passage method 0.25% trypsin
Culture information Passage ratio 1 : 4 split
SC frequency Subculture : once/week, Medium Renewal : 2 times/week
Temperature 37 ℃
CO2 concentration 5 %
Freeze medium Medium + 10% DMSO
Freezing method Slow freezing
Mycoplasma (-)
STR(human) OK
Virus (HIV) (-)
Isozyme LD, NP
Chromosome mode 65-235(50) : /91(3),92(5),93(1),94(4),95(2),96(1)/
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Reference information Reference 0
User's Publication 7

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User's Publication
11379  Omoto K, Matsuda R, Nakai Y, Tatsumi Y, Nakazawa T, Tanaka Y, Shida Y, Murakami T, Nishimura F, Nakagawa I, Motoyama Y, Nakamura M, Fujimoto K, Hiroyuki N.  Expression of peptide transporter 1 has a positive correlation in protoporphyrin IX accumulation induced by 5-aminolevulinic acid with photodynamic detection of non-small cell lung cancer and metastatic brain tumor specimens originating from non-small cell lung cancer.  Photodiagnosis Photodyn Ther  2019    PubMed ID: 30639584
10585  Homma S, Hayashi K, Yoshida K, Sagawa Y, Kamata Y, Ito M.  Nafamostat mesilate, a serine protease inhibitor, suppresses interferon-gamma-induced up-regulation of programmed cell death ligand 1 in human cancer cells.  Int. Immunopharmacol.  2018  54:39-45  PubMed ID: 29100036
4231  Yamaura T, Ezaki J, Okabe N, Takagi H, Ozaki Y, Inoue T, Watanabe Y, Fukuhara M, Muto S, Matsumura Y, Hasegawa T, Hoshino M, Osugi J, Shio Y, Waguri S, Tamura H, Imai JI, Ito E, Yanagisawa Y, Honma R, Watanabe S, Suzuki H.  Family with sequence similarity 83, member B is a predictor of poor prognosis and a potential therapeutic target for lung adenocarcinoma expressing wild-type epidermal growth factor receptor.  Oncol Lett  2018    PubMed ID: 29434849
10378  Tsubouchi H, Onomura H, Saito Y, Yanagi S, Miura A, Matsuo A, Matsumoto N, Nakazato M.  Ghrelin does not influence cancer progression in a lung adenocarcinoma cell line.  Endocr. J.  2017  64:S41-S46  PubMed ID: 28652543
5867  Tsuboi M, Mori H, Bunai T, Kageyama S, Suzuki M, Okudela K, Takamochi K, Ogawa H, Niwa H, Shinmura K, Sugimura H.  Secreted form of EphA7 in lung cancer.  Int J Oncol  2010  36(3):635-40  PubMed ID: 20126984
6410  Danjoh I, Sone H, Noda N, Iimura E, Nagayoshi M, Saijo K, Hiroyama T, Nakamura Y.  Is parainfluenza virus a threatening virus for human cancer cell lines?  Hum Cell  2009  22(3):81-4  PubMed ID: 19624309
2483  Niki T, Iba S, Tokunou M, Yamada T, Matsuno Y, Hirohashi S  Expression of vascular endothelial growth factors A, B, C, and D and their relationships to lymph node status in lung adenocarcinoma.  Clin Cancer Res  2000  6:2431-9  PubMed ID: 10873096

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